Sat, March 28

Letter: General Jim Mattis’ words should chill us all and drive us to immediate action


I hear the talking heads claiming that the American people looked at Jim Mattis as a stabilizing influence on the president. Nah. For all the good the Press and Media do, they don’t give me that intimate a look at the workings of my government.

I don’t know anything about Mattis and Trump working together. To me, he was just one of Trump’s appointees. No, the thing that struck me about Mattis retiring so suddenly are the words he left behind in his resignation letter.

General Jim Mattis’ words should chill us all and drive us to immediate action before this President hangs the SOLD! sign on America.

Just another real estate deal completed, eh Trump? This man needs to be impeached immediately, or at least, prevented from making any more decisions, taking any more government-related meetings or phone calls, or acting on America’s behalf in any way until Bob Mueller has his say and we people get a chance to speak and act.

If there is enough evidence that a man might have abused his family, even if it hasn’t yet been proven beyond doubt, you don’t allow the man to return to his home as head of family. You make him stay in a hotel for a couple weeks, am I right? Donald Trump has been credibly accused in open court more than once, now, and he appears to be acting irrationally. Do we want to be the family that is slaughtered and stuffed into oil drums?

Dave Cupples

Verde Valley

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