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Mountain Trails Gallery ‘Made in Arizona’ exhibit debuts Jan. 4

“Desert Gardener” by Jennifer O’Cualain, 5 x 7 oil

“Desert Gardener” by Jennifer O’Cualain, 5 x 7 oil

Originally Published: December 24, 2018 3:27 p.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery celebrates the New Year with “Made in Arizona” which features 20 artists who live and work in the Grand Canyon State and create sculpture, paintings, and jewelry inspired by its unique nature, history and culture, all reflecting the beauty of place.

Artists have been coming to Arizona for decades for the inspiration, clear skies and the promise of a new life.  Arizona was the last of the 48 states to join the Union, which at that time (1912) was known for mining, farming, its deserts, and wide open spaces.  

Today as it was yesterday, Arizona calls us to a place where one can be present in the “here and now,” enjoying all this state has to offer. From the pristine beauty of the Grand Canyon and the Red Rocks of Sedona, to the ranching culture to the Native American traditions, Arizona’s timelessness still beacons. 

Mountain Trails Gallery brings this sense of timelessness to life with artists who are intrigued and inspired by Arizona’s multifaceted history, culture, and beauty:  Sandra Byland captures so many wild creatures who pass through her back yard in Sedona such as the raccoon in her colored pencil painting “Midnight Neighbor”; Betty Carr is in love with the ephemeral light and changing colors of a Sedona sunrise or sunset as captured in her “Arizona Cathedral” oil painting done at Cathedral Rock; the beauty and patina of Arizona’s history in the ancient Hopi Pueblo pottery painting “Sikyatki and Seed Corn” is revered by Lisa Danielle.

Also featured are the paintings of Arizona’s flora and fauna by Jennifer O’Cualain including a state butterfly painting “Swallowtail,” “Desert Gardener” with the beloved javelina foraging about, as well as “Friends in High Places” of a Gila woodpecker dropping cactus fruit to the desert box turtle below.

Artists Joan Roberts and Kim Yubeta pay tribute to Arizona’s state gemstone with their one-of-a-kind turquoise jewelry and Susan Adams of susieQsedona gives a nod to Arizona’s state mineral with her unique “Copper Caravan” semiprecious stones bracelet.

The show also includes artwork by Howard Carr, Cheryl D. Cooper, Bill Cramer, Deborah Copenhaver Fellows, Linda Glover Gooch, Corrina Johnson, Susan Kliewer, Curt Mattson, George Molnar, Marcia Molnar, Christie Palmer, Gregory Stocks, and Michael Trcic.

“We are fortunate to have so many Arizona artists who bring richness to our lives with their uplifting and beautiful work,” spoke Julie R. Williams, director of Mountain Trails Gallery. “To honor Arizona, there are paintings, sculpture and jewelry featuring such state designations as the cactus wren, the two-tailed swallowtail butterfly, the Saguaro cactus blossom, as well as turquoise, and copper to name a few.”

First Friday’s reception for “Made in Arizona” is an opportunity to meet artists who are inspired by our remarkable state on January 4th, from 5-8 p.m.

Mountain Trails Gallery at Tlaquepaque, 336 SR 179, Sedona, last entrance by the creek, upstairs near Toy Town, Suite A201 in Patio de las Campanas. (800) 527-6556 (928) 282-3225 fineart@mountaintrailssedona.com www.mountaintrailssedona.com