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Photographic postcard, limited edition, purchased by Glenda Farley on ebay

Photographic postcard, limited edition, purchased by Glenda Farley on ebay

"Clarkdale, January 31 --- At the Tuzigoot ruins east of Clarkdale, results of the work started November 1, [1935,] under Project No. 59 of the WPA are becoming noticeable. The new Tuzigoot museum building, which was the main objective under the project, is well under way and the walls which are going up rapidly can be seen from some distance. Grading for the parking space in front of the building and general landscaping is nearly completed."

"Supervisor of the project for the municipality is under the direction of Paul C. Keefe, J. E. Lanning, and W. J. Uren. Plans for the general project layout have been drawn up by the engineering department of the United Verde branch of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, with the co-operation of Sara F. Morrow, director of projects and planning for the WPA offices in Prescott."

"Malcolm B. Cummings is in charge of the construction and excavation work at the ruins for the WPA offices in Prescott and stated when asked about the building:"

"'We are trying to make the architecture of the museum building conform as closely as possible to that of the prehistoric ruins of Tuzigoot, and still not defeat the purpose of the building, which is for the display of artifacts. We have to realize in doing this that the inhabitants of Tuzigoot built fairly small, dark, rooms for warmth and protection and seemed to care very little for light and air in their rooms. The plans as now perfected, are very attractive, and will be a monument which every Verde Valley resident should be proud of.'"

"Some additional excavation work has been done on the Tuzigoot hill with several burials discovered and a small amount of pottery recovered. It is expected new excavations will be started in a few days on an adjoining hill to the south of Tuzigoot, which will give more artifacts for museum display."

"The repair of artifacts and their preparation for display is being carried on under the project by women workers at the museum in Clarkdale. This work is under the care of Miss Rosaline Svob and Miss Charlotte Martinez. The displays at the museum in Clarkdale are open to the public week days from 9 to 5 and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The ruins may be visited during any hour of the day."

(Prescott Evening Courier; January 31, 1936; page 4.)