Mon, Sept. 16

Editorial: I’m all in for Superintendent King’s plan for K-8 school realignment


As a grandmother, I am heartbroken that our society in general is so fractured and divisive. What kind of world will my grandchildren inherit? Then my grandson graduates to third grade and off to another school, his little brother still suffering his absence.

It is harder on his parents, but they make due, just another small challenge to deal with in their busy lives. COCSD does the best it can, providing buses from DDB to CES and back, which help a lot. But I do not get to see him as much, either.

As a substitute teacher at several schools, I have a unique perspective. One is a K-8 charter school and I also work at DDB. I was excited to hear about the possibility of the COCSD school re-alignment for so many reasons, both professional and personal.

My older grandson is an excellent student but extremely shy, the younger one in Kindergarten, currently hates school. Like most younger siblings, he idolizes his big brother. Bringing them together at the same school would be beneficial to both of them. Schools are the heart of our communities, families should attend together.

On a professional level, I have seen the positive affect of a K-8 school and the research certainly backs up my observations. Older students are more responsible, compassionate and have better self esteem when paired with younger students in learning activities that range from reading and math to the arts.

Young students have built in individual tutors and teaching a cohort also helps the tutor strengthen their own knowledge. Advanced students have easy access to higher level subjects with no need for duplication of curriculum or staff. Johnny in 4th grade, just pops into the 6th grade for advanced math.

And I don’t know about you, but between garbage trucks and school buses, sometimes I think I live at a truck stop. Less buses save money, saves road wear, tear and my serenity. Superintendent King, I am all for this, I certainly hope you can make it happen!

“Ms. Debbie” Crincoli


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