Tue, July 23

Cottonwood City Manager Doug Bartosh announces retirement

Doug Bartosh

Doug Bartosh

COTTONWOOD – City Manager Doug Bartosh has notified the Cottonwood City Council that he plans to retire in January 2019.

Bartosh was appointed as the Cottonwood City Manager in January 2008 following a 30-year career in law enforcement.

He will retire with 11 years of experience as the Cottonwood City Manager.

“I have had a long, enjoyable career in the service of citizens and I look forward to stepping down to spend more time with my family and friends. It has been a great experience and my thanks and appreciation goes to the city council for allowing me to serve as the city manager and to the great city staff that always performs in the best interests of our citizens,” said Bartosh.

While his retirement plans were just announced, he said he made the decision a year ago.

“It’s time,” Bartosh said.

But he won’t be leaving immediately.

“You have to put up with me for another year,” he joked.

Regarding the succession plan, Bartosh said there a couple of potential candidates.

Council will probably have a discussion on what kind of process they want to use, he added.

“I’m grateful for his years of dedication to the City of Cottonwood both as former chief of police and city manager," said Cottonwood Mayor Tim Elinski.

"These are exciting times in the Verde Valley and I believe change is a necessary part of that. I’m looking forward to working with the council, the community, and the region on a thorough search for the next city manager, which is a position critical to the continued success of our city and Verde Valley," he added.