Tue, Feb. 25

IRS phone scam targets Cottonwood

Wednesday, the Cottonwood Communication Center received several calls from local residents reporting an IRS phone scam. In fact, a few dispatchers also personally received the same phone scam message.

The scam works similar to this: The scammer(s) generate a fake telephone number also referred to as “spoofing” that originates in Washington, D.C. The automated message informs the recipient they have filed a fraudulent tax return or submission and need to contact a telephone number provided on the voice message immediately or they could go to jail.

“Many of the citizens who reported it to the police department knew it was a scam but wanted to make us aware,” Cottonwood Police Department spokeswoman, Sergeant Monica Kuhlt. “Some called the number to see what they would be told. Of those who called the number the person who answered hung up shortly after they weren’t provided with personal information and others said the number had been disconnected or changed.”

It is important to know the IRS will not call you. If they have business with you they will notify you by mail, will not demand immediate payment using a specific payment method, threaten to bring the police or demand you pay taxes without an opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe. For additional information from the IRS visit their website -

--Information provided by the Cottonwood Police Department

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