Sun, Sept. 22

Letter: Annexation, consolidation; folks, bigger is not better


Recently there has been robust discussion concerning the consolidation of the school districts. Now, there seems to be some sort of undertow to once again work toward annexing more land into the City of Cottonwood by taking over the Verde Villages.

I sincerely hope all the full time residents of Cottonwood and the close surrounds look at these issues closely.

Bigger isn’t a cost saver, and there is plenty of research to prove that. More tax revenue simply means more money wasted on things like City parks and recreation centers and things that are not needed. A sewer problem? Just raise taxes and bonds and make more people pay it. Schools underfunded? Somehow make it look like fewer administration and teachers will save on the taxes and still serve students.

I personally detest urbanization. This is a rural area. To continue to survive as a small population center with enough amenities to attract tourists and outside money, we need to really think about all of this combining of entities, and think very seriously. Perhaps I am in the minority. Do we want to continue to live our lives simply, making our own decisions, repairing our own home systems and living in peace, or do we want a City government with planning, zoning, new tax districts and all the urban type of thinking taking over? If the Villages approve annexation, the home owners there are writing their own ticket to reduced property values, increased City control of their property usage and increased costs for services they will never need, but the City thinks necessary (think parks, wider streets, sewer districts with exorbitant rates, cops on every corner, etc.)

If maintaining our way of life means anything to the thousands of folks affected, please get involved now, before this ugly worm simply grows to a done deal and we all become its lunch.

Lucinda Parker


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