Wed, June 26

Letter: Serious study needed on county building policies


Wow, the letter from Bill Bullock really was a bold effort. Much of this information is shared and known in the community. Many are frustrated with the treatment they have received at the hands of the county planning and zoning department. But no one has been brave enough to go public with these concerns. Probably because their very lively hood is at stake.

I don’t believe that the county employees want to be mean or ruin their neighbor’s business, or be thought of badly by the community. But one has to ask the question, is there something in the planning and zoning department structure that lends to these difficulties?

Perhaps the structure and the procedures of the planning and zoning department could be reviewed by the County Board of Supervisors. Perhaps, the Appeals Board, in order to make it more fair to the contractors, have a majority that board elected and a minority of the board remain appointed by the county supervisors.

Perhaps a review could be made of the authority and power any one employee in that department can weld. Especially if any one individual has power to make arbitrary decisions, and has power to execute their own decision and has power to levy fines for the same. Maybe, these three powers could be broke up and not remain in any one individual.

I do believe in the goodness of people on both sides. There is a solution and I hope the Board of Supervisors can find it.

Vicki Jo Anderson