Sat, July 20

Cottonwood City Council News Roundup

Tosca Henry, Linda Norman, Vice Mayor Kyla Allen, Mayor Tim Elinski, Karen Pfeifer, Ruben Jauregui and Deb Althouse

Tosca Henry, Linda Norman, Vice Mayor Kyla Allen, Mayor Tim Elinski, Karen Pfeifer, Ruben Jauregui and Deb Althouse

Right of way extension at Thousand Trails Road

Cottonwood City Council accepted the easement from the National Forest Service for the extension of the right-of-way of Thousand Trails Road and right-of-way from multiple property owners.

Staff said in the Council’s agenda that “accepting the easement at this time allows for a parallel road to State Route 260, which increases circulation efficiency in the future.”

Weed control contract renewed

Cottonwood City Council renewed the contract for weed eradication services with Verde Valley Weed Control.

Staff said the original contract was awarded to Verde Valley Weed Control on Feb. 1, 2016 for a period of two years ending Feb. 1, 2018. The contract allows for three additional one-year extensions.

According to the Council’s agenda, areas within the contract scope include all well sites; lift stations; Utilities yard; Wastewater Plant; Public Safety Building; Emergency Operations Dispatch Center; Recreation Center; library, and pool/tennis courts.

Clear Creek Consulting hired for aquifer protection permit, underground storage facility permit

Cottonwood City Council approved the proposed scope of work and fee estimate from Clear Creek Consulting for professional services in connection with the modification of the City’s aquifer protection permit and to obtain an underground storage facility permit.

The services are to be performed under the terms of the existing professional services agreement.

The Council’s agenda states, “With the relocation of the injection well for the Riverfront Waste Water Treatment Plant to the Kids Park at the Fairgrounds, the previously approved aquifer protection permit with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality must be modified. Additionally, an underground storage facility permit with Arizona Department of Water Resource must also be obtained in order to receive credits for the reclaimed water that will be recharged via that injection well.”

Mesquite Hills Subdivision development agreement approved

Cottonwood City Council approved the proposed first amendment to the amended and restated development and assurance agreement with Virtual Realty Enterprises L.L.C. (VRE) for the Mesquite Hills Subdivision for the development of Phase 1, Unit 3 of the project - subject to approval of the final plans by the City Engineer and the final form of agreement by the City Attorney.

Staff said “Mesquite Hills is a subdivision on the western edge of the City of Cottonwood. The subdivision was proposed to be built in three phases, but Phase 1 was subsequently split into 3 sub-phases called ‘units.’”

The City Council approved a development agreement for Phase 1 of the project prior to the economic recession in 2008. However, Phase 1 was not completed due to the economic downturn and the subdivision is now under new ownership, stated the Council’s agenda.

“The new owners, VRE, have maintained many of the obligations that the former owners were held to such as the improvements to the arsenic treatment system to the City well site and participating in the extension of a water line to the Cottonwood Ranch Subdivision,” said staff in the agenda.

Staff said in 2015 the City and VRE completed a revised development agreement and assurance agreement specifically for Phase 1, Unit 2 which is now nearing completion, and VRE would now like to begin work on the infrastructure for Phase 1, Unit 3.

New solar array approved for Riverfront Water Reclamation Facility

Cottonwood City Council approved the proposed interconnection agreement with APS to connect the new photovoltaic (solar) array at the Riverfront Water Reclamation Facility into the power grid, and authorize the City Engineer and/or Utilities Director to execute the agreement on behalf of the City.

The Council’s agenda states, “By approving this agreement, the City will be able to utilize the solar array at the new Riverfront WRF to offset power consumption required to treat wastewater at this facility.”

The plant was constructed with a photovoltaic solar array that will offset the power consumption of the plant by approximately 85 percent during peak generating times, said staff.

“The use of this system is a key component of the City’s sustainable vision for its facilities and a viable cost-saving measure included as a part of this project,” stated the agenda.

City considers sale of corner lot at 89A and Sixth Street

The City owns a parcel of property at the northeast corner of 89A and 6th street which has recently been appraised and is being considered for sale.

Prior to the sale of the property the Council will consider the dedication of easements on the property in order to provide for: a future detention pond to reduce downstream flooding; an ingress/egress easement to access the pond; a triangle of right-of-way at the corner of 89A and 6th for future expansion of the intersection; a sidewalk easement along 6th Street for future expansion of 6th Street; and a non-vehicular access easement in order to prevent driveways from being placed too close to the intersection.

“The easements will likely impact the value of the parcel, however they will be much easier to establish and reserve now rather than needing to acquire them after selling the property. The legal descriptions of the easements have not been drawn up yet and they are estimated to cost between $500 and $700 to complete,” said Development Services staff in the Council’s agenda.

Staff will complete these legal descriptions and bring them back to Council for formal declaration.

--Information provided by the Feb. 20 Cottonwood City Council agenda. Visit to view agendas and minutes.