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VERDE HERITAGE 1918: JEROME; Phenomenal Growth Continues

"Jerome's boast that it will be the largest and most permanent camp, not alone in the United States but in the world, is in a fair way of fulfillment. Following the subsistence of the boom which came on the heels of the bringing in of the United Verde Extension it was predicted by many that a decided drop in population and excitement would be witnessed. But Jerome has progressed in the past year in such a marvelous manner that despite the erection of a modern hotel [Jerome Hotel] and many private homes and houses to rent, the camp is still overcrowded and it is almost impossible to get a place to sleep unless accommodations are reserved in advance."

"The congestion will be partially but not wholly relieved in the near future by the construction of a 46-apartment building or half a dozen structures containing 8 apartments each, by the United Verde. The plans are already drawn and in the hands of Senator W. A. Clark in New York, and upon receipt of his approval will be started by the first of March at the latest. The building or buildings will be fireproof and streamlined, and are designed for the accommodation of employees of the company and will be rented to them at $25 per month."

"POTASSIUM DEPOSIT DISCOVERED: Jerome has added to her mineral laurels by the discovery of potassium, one of the essentials of modern agricultural industry, and what is more important at the present time, the waging of war. The one sample that has been assayed runs 3.30 per cent potassium, or approximately $112.50 a ton. Tom Smart, the owner of the claims, located in the vicinity of Walnut Springs about three and a half miles west of Jerome, has asked the United States Bureau of Mines to send an expert to determine the extent of the deposit, which may be of incalculable benefit to the government."

"CALUMET & JEROME: C. M. Garrison, of New York, second vice president of the Calumet & Jerome, is now is Jerome in connection with an offer made by a Gotham syndicate for an interest in the property. Terms have been wired and a reply is now being awaited. 'If this deal goes through it will mean the more rapid development of the Calumet & Jerome,' stated Mr. Garrison. 'If it does not go through, we shall simply proceed with development along the lines we are now pursuing. We have every confidence in the property. Personally, I never felt more confidence than I do right now, after going through the new workings on the 600-foot level.'"

UNITED VERDE EXTENSION MINING COMPANY SMELTER [south of Cottonwood]: "The lack of bricks with which to complete the smokestack is all that prevents the blowing in of the first blast furnace of the United Verde Extension smelter within 60 days. A good start has been made in the construction of the first furnace which will be of 800 tons daily capacity. Much of the heavy iron and steel required to complete it is now enroute from Pittsburg. Three converters are to be used to supplement the first furnace. They will probably be completed before the smokestack is ready for use. As soon as furnace No. 1 is finished work will be started on furnace No. 2, which will be a duplicate."

WEST UNITED VERDE, formerly the Jerome Victor Extension: The shaft "is unwatered down to the 1000-foot point. A few more days will find the shaft down to the 1200-foot station, but it will be some time before the extensive workings on that level are unwatered. As soon as the unwatering process is completed the shaft will be sunk to 2000 feet, where drifting and crosscutting will begin."

VERDE COMBINATION: "The long-sought porphyry contact has been cut at the Verde Combination. Instead of being 310 feet north of the shaft on the 600 level, as it is at the tunnel level, 375 feet above, it is 580 feet away. But it trends from northeast to southwest, like all the main formations in the Jerome district."

(Bisbee Daily Review; February 17, 1918; Mining Section, page 4.)

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