Fri, Oct. 18

What they’re saying at consolidation committee meetings

From left, Stephen Renard, JoAnne Cook and Deanna DeWitt. VVN/Bill Helm

From left, Stephen Renard, JoAnne Cook and Deanna DeWitt. VVN/Bill Helm

Stephen Renard, consolidation committee member, Mingus Union mathematics teacher

“Clarkdale-Jerome makes up approximately 13 percent of our current freshman class. Clarkdale-Jerome has already stated that they want no part of this consolidation.

“It is my opinion that there is an ethical and moral duty of the Mingus Board to do what is in the best interest of all of our students, and that voting to treat a community that has been overwhelmingly supportive and an integral part of the Mingus family for generations as visitors or interlopers feels wrong.”

JoAnne Cook, consolidation committee member and COCSD board president

“We are definitely interested and want to allow the public to voice their opinion by getting the question on a ballot. We believe that there will be costs savings by streamlining the districts and then be able to use the savings to put more dollars in the classroom. My opinion is that manifestation of the cost savings benefits will increase over time once consolidated.”

Deanna DeWitt, consolidation committee member and teacher in the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District

“I think that there are many MUHS teachers who feel threatened by the prospect of consolidation/unification, particularly in the absence of a clear plan for such a transition.

“Without concrete data related to these issues, there is much to speculate about. Their concerns are legitimate in that, thus far, nobody has offered specific solutions to address them.”

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