Mon, July 15

Sedona Pathways Out Daily Journey Jan. 16, 2017

Ted Grussing Photography 2018

Ted Grussing Photography 2018

With everything set, our Greenhead friend is cruising down the pond waiting for his sink rate to bring him into contact with the watery runway beneath his webbed feet; as he settles onto the water his feet act as water skis and as he slows he settles into the water throwing up a large spray of water … this photo captures the hang time and about a tenth of a second after I took this shot the feet touched the water and the spray began to fly as he settled.

‘twas a great day today and all the cabinets in the kitchen have been refinished and put back together. Natural finish, solid oak and they look like the day they were initially installed. Thank you Mike; he took them down to bare wood and then finished with four coats of lacquer … sweet. Do you know what lacquer is? Shellac? Lacquer can either be the sap from the lacquer trees in China, Korea or Japan or the resin deposit on trees by the female Lac insect primarily in China and Thailand. The sap and resins are dissolved in solvents and then applied to the wood. Always wondered what Shellac and Lacquer consisted of, so spent some time looking it up today … I lead an exciting life!

Time to wrap the day … have a beautiful day and enjoy what comes your way … and smile.



Draw your chair beside me here,

As in other times, my dear;

Do not talk or even smile,

Sit in silence for a while;

Sweet contentment over all,

As the shadows on us fall.

‘Tis the best of all my life,

After each day’s toil and strife,

In the time of night and dew,

Thus to sit alone with you.

Max Ehrmann