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"Mr. and Mrs. George Patterson left Cottonwood Wednesday for their new home in Buckeye, Arizona. Mr. 'Pat' Patterson was one of the early settlers of Cottonwood [living in a house on what is now Cactus Street during 1916] and until he moved to Buckeye owned the Cottonwood Furniture and Hardware store [located on what is now an empty lot south of Bocce]. He will continue in the same line of business in his new place of residence."

"A. E. Gardner has opened a new restaurant in the Midnight Café."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, January 4, 1929; page 4.)

"Tucker Southard, who has been working in the clubhouse [at Clarkdale] has gone into business for himself. He has purchased the service station at the crossroads in Cottonwood and is ready to serve his patrons."

"Luke Blaisdell and Irwin Barnes have rented the garage end [now, Little Moo's] of Ray Manley's building and will handle the repair work on all makes of cars. Luke has been until recently with the Liberty Garage, of Cottonwood, and has built up a splendid reputation as an automobile mechanic."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, January 8, 1929; page 4.)

"Jack Arnold is having a new service front built on his service station in Cottonwood" [now, Stronghold].

"Quite a blanket of snow covered the entire Valley Wednesday night and Thursday morning turned off clear and very cold. The storm was welcomed by farmers and stockmen as a much needed gift to the country."

"Alex Willard, proprietor of the Triangle Service Station, returned from a business trip to Whitewater, California. Mrs. Julia Willard [his mother] has returned from El Centro, where she visited relatives."

"J. Dora's house, across the river from Cottonwood, burned to the ground last Thursday morning. A fire was built in a heating stove and left while the milking was done and the fire had gained such headway before it was discovered that nothing in the home could be saved."

"The Camp Fire girls of Clemenceau and Cottonwood held their first council fire last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Niederinghaus and Jean Winters in charge. The girls started work on their headbands with bead looms. The meeting was held in the Community Church building" [at Clemenceau].

"Luke Blaisdell, of the Manley Garage at Cottonwood, is selling the new Essex car and will be the agent and distributor for this side of the mountain. He drove a new demonstrator last week from Prescott and will be glad to show the new car to all interested."

"Sunday morning a fire was discovered on the second story [that collapsed during the 1967 snow storm] of the Willard Building at Cottonwood. The fire was started, it is thought, from a cigarette carelessly left on a bench the night before, when there was a dance in the hall. The bench was charred and a large place burned through the floor and dropped into the coal bin of the bakery, which is right under the dance hall. The fire was discovered early in the morning by a boy, who saw the smoke and gave the fire alarm. Very little damage was done, but it is only a miracle that the building did not burn down in the night when all were asleep. Had the fire gained any headway, it would probably have burned the whole block up as the fire of 1925 in Cottonwood did."

"Liberty Garage unloaded 4 carloads of new Ford cars on Monday. ... Ersel Garrison and Tipton returned from a trip to Phoenix, where they attended a Ford dealers' conference. They made the trip by auto."

"Joe Mesa, townsite teamster for the U.V.X., had the misfortune to be thrown from his wagon when a passing automobile caused one of his horses to shy. The sudden lurch of the wagon caused Joe to fall in front of the wheels and the heavy wagon passed over his body, causing a severe cut on his neck and a broken rib or two, and a number of other bad bruises. He is now in the hospital at Jerome, and his condition is quite serious."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, January 29, 1929; page 5.)

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