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Cottonwood City Council Roundup for Jan. 19, 2018

Tosca Henry, Linda Norman, Kyla Allen, Mayor Tim Elinski, Vice Mayor Karen Pfeifer, Ruben Jauregui and Deb Althouse.

Tosca Henry, Linda Norman, Kyla Allen, Mayor Tim Elinski, Vice Mayor Karen Pfeifer, Ruben Jauregui and Deb Althouse.

Cottonwood Use Tax ordinance tabled

Tuesday, Cottonwood City Council decided to table an ordinance that adds a Use Tax to the City’s Tax Code.

Council agreed to table it until after they heard the overview of the city’s budget process and revenue streams review, which was an item on the night’s agenda.

The Use Tax will have the effect of levying a use tax of 3 percent on storage or use in the City of tangible personal property for which an equivalent excise tax has not been paid to another local taxing authority.

In addition, staff is recommending that the City approve certain exemptions. Deputy City Manager Rudy Rodriguez said adopting the Use Tax ordinance is beneficial because it levels the playing field for local businesses with big ticket items; helps reduce some tax leakage to other communities; helps collect taxes on large ticket items purchased over the internet; and has no additional cost to the city.

The estimated additional revenue to the city is $75,000.

Asbestos abatement at Civic Center

Council approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality for asbestos abatement at the Cottonwood Civic Center.

The ADEQ Brownfields State Response Grant is the latest in a series of grants the city has been able to secure in the effort to rehabilitate the Cottonwood Civic Center in Old Town, following the award of a FY 2015 CDBG grant in the amount of $309,153, and a recent commitment by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors to pass-through another $265,000 in CDBG funds to the city for this project.

The Council has separately authorized the expenditure of $132,000 to upgrade/replace the center’s existing evaporative cooling system with a new air conditioning system.

After the project began, it was discovered that there was some roofing material that appeared to contain asbestos. This latest grant is for ADEQ to provide up to $5,500.00 to help fund the abatement of these hazardous materials and to manage the procurement process as well as oversee the work.

Installation of groundwater monitoring wells

Council approved a proposed environmental access agreement with ADEQ to allow the installation of up to five groundwater monitoring wells within city right-of-way and other groundwater monitoring activities.

These wells will help ADEQ monitor and track a previous release of hazardous and/or regulated substances that occurred at or near Main Street and Aspen Street.

Permanent sidewalk easement

Council accepted a permanent sidewalk easement from Brent and Linda Backus on the property in the 1000 block of S. 12th St.

Brent and Linda Backus are requesting an additional driveway entrance on a parcel to a proposed detached garage. Per the current engineering and ADA standards the driveway will not fit within the existing right of way. The 4’ ADA wraparound on the proposed driveway will go beyond the right of way, hence the need for the sidewalk easement.

The easement will allow the public the right to utilize the private property covered by the easement for pedestrian uses. It will also allow the City to maintain the sidewalk that will be within the easement.

Council makes annual appointments

Council members are requested to represent the City of Cottonwood on certain committees/organizations that deal with regional matters that may affect the city, as well as certain internal matters. Some organizations request formal appointment of the city’s representative.

Northern Arizona Council of Governments (NACOG)--Mayor Elinski, alternate is Vice Mayor Allen.

Northern Arizona Municipal Water Users’ Association (NAMWUA)--Council Member Pfeifer, alternate is Mayor Elinski.

Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization (VVTPO)--Council Member Norman, alternate is Council Member Althouse.

Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization (VVREO)--Council Member Henry.

Cottonwood Personnel Board--Council Member Henry, alternate is Council Member Althouse.

Verde Valley Homeless Coalition--Mayor Elinski, alternate is Vice Mayor Allen.

Area Agency on Aging, Region III--NACOG—Vice Mayor Allen, alternate is Council Member Althouse.

Alternative Pension Board--Mayor Elinski, alternate is Vice Mayor Allen.

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