Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Opposition to King holiday was not racist, but financially responsible logic


I would like to start by asking: Whose side are you on?

You live here. We buy your papers.

I’m really sick of people outside of Arizona who butt into our personal state affairs.

Do we express our opinion and then bully any other state to comply with out beliefs? I don’t think so.

And as far as the NFL bullying us, then bullying us by moving the Super Bowl to California, hurting us as badly as they could? Where is the good sportsmanship in that? (I have no beef with California).

But the NFL’s actions did force me to reassess where the NFL ranks in my opinion -- I had to move them from shoelace to toe nail.

I read the NFL has more players in jail for -- oh, let me count the ways/reasons -- than any other sport’s players in this country.

Seems players don’t follow other people’s or state’s rules/laws very well themselves. Dissing the rules of the same people who support them, when we only try to keep ourselves and children safe.

When Mr. Mecham rescinded the MLK paid holiday, he did it above board and legally. That does not make him or us racists.

Let’s replace that word with responsibile. He never disrespected Dr. King -- he respected voters who didn’t want to have to pay any more taxes for another paid holiday. As in: pay for no benefitting work.

I don’t live in Mesa now, but I did in 1986. What I saw was normal people, some happened to be black, all trying to raise their kids with respect for honest values.

Obviously, most rried to teach their children by example; by respecting their budgets and paying their fair share of taxes (or they wouldn’t have worried about raising tax dollars).

No one was disrespecting Dr. King. We were all saying we don’t want any more taxes for anything. And many of us said it more than twice.

Obviously, for such a huge, easily seen preference, it also took black voters in agreement to achieve it. Twice (not that I have any way of knowing who voterd how).

And Saturday Night Live is for entertainment, not for-credit education. However, while on that point, my personal favorite was/will always be Church Lady!

Back to your editorial’s points: I have no problem with Jerome. I like going there. But they survive on tourist dollars, I’m told. See a personal need over-shadowing their decisions reversal? Probably figured it was going to be a losing situation -- but maybe it brought in a few tourist bucks -- we don’t know and I don’t care.

I don’t see Mr. Mecham as a saint, but he tried to respect his voters on this one.

And MLK paid holiday passing by 61 percent the third time showed tons of vorers still trying to spend money for best value for their family’s pcokets.

I don’t know of anyone who was against MLK holiday -- just the paid part.

Can’t you just hear the Church Lady asking, “And who made the NFL action so high and mightly? Was it Satan?” I just love that character -- so entertaining.

I wonder if the same massive advertising campaign, fueled by business interests simultaneously lobbying the National Football League, want to take any credit for any part of the irresponsibility, mega-ginormous national debt as well?

Let’s ask Church Lady. Or do you think she could be racist?

I think the word racists took over for the word awesome. Remember when everything was awesome -- just awesomely awesome!

Awesomely yours to your awesome self.

Marian Joyce Kolb