Sun, Jan. 26

Man sentenced in attempted luring of a minor

Craig David Boening

Craig David Boening

CAMP VERDE – The oldest case on Judge Michael R. Bluff’s calendar was resolved on Jan. 8.

Craig David Boening, a resident of Gilbert, was sentenced to six years of probation for one count of attempted luring of a minor for sexual exploitation. Boening pleaded guilty to the charge on Dec. 11, 2017.

Prosecutor Ethan Wolfinger said recent Arizona Supreme Court rulings “were to [Boening’s] benefit.” The four-year-old case began before the Supreme Court’s ruling in Wright v. Honorable Pamela Gates in May 2017.

The court ruled that statute 13-705(P)(1) requires a child victim, not a “fictitious child,” to classify a charge as a dangerous child against children.

Dangerous crimes against children impose enhanced sentences, such as lifetime probation.

Boening pleaded guilty to meeting up with who he thought was an underage prostitute at the motel in the Village of Oak Creek. Instead, the “minor,” a fictitious child, was an underage police agent. Boening was taken into custody at a motel in the Village of Oak Creek.

After the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling, Boening will not face lifetime probation because there were no children involved in his crime.

“I’m incredibly ashamed. I can tell you I will do anything and everything probation tells me to do,” Boening said in court.

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