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"Jerome and the country surrounding received its full share of the recent storm which was general over all portions of the state. The precipitation reported by Dr. Hawkins reached 3.60 inches, and following as it did the former heavy snowfall helped to swell the Verde and its many tributary washes. All the waterways from the hills are full, apparently giving the lie to their dry condition at other seasons of the year. The Arizona stream, when on a rampage is a thing to attract attention, however placid and calm a character it bears during the rest of the year."

"A report sent in from Sycamore, about 6 miles above Clarkdale, Tuesday, gave the river's depth at that place as 26 feet above the low water mark. Old time residents along the Verde state the river is the highest it has been in years. W. E. Woodruff, the bee man, reported the high waters had washed away a strip 10 feet wide for a distance of 30 yards, from his ranch. Charles Willard's strip of corn land was disappearing in the wash, was also told by one who had come to town from the Verde."

"Train service in the Valley was tied up a couple of days on the Santa Fe, by a landslide near Sycamore, but it was expected the track would e cleared by last evening and travel over that line resumed. The Verde Tunnel & Smelter Railway has had no trouble at any time during the storm, the shipments to the smelter continued uninterrupted by the antics of the elements."

"From the southern part of the state come reports of great precipitation, high water in the Tonto reservoir wen over the spillways, and the Salt River on one of its periodical sprees of activity, forced ranchers along that stream to leave their homes for higher ground."

"Lake Watson, near Prescott, has overflowed, and as the reservoir for the Granite Creek shed, is proving its usefulness to the gratification of its projectors and others interested in the available water which will thus be supplied for developing thousands of acres of arid land in that region. Computation of the volume of water passing over the dam and the calculated inflow from various sources during the next 2 weeks place the estimate of this watershed at 50,000 acre feet."

"The Verde Valley ranchers while somewhat inconvenienced in the matter of transportation setbacks occasioned by the recent storms, are anticipating a most favorable season and are not kicking at the present situation."

(Jerome News; Friday, January 21, 1916; page 1.)

See: The Verde Independent; "1916: STORMS IN JANUARY;" January 16, 2013; and "1916: ANOTHER BIG STORM IN JANUARY;" January 31, 2013.

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