Tue, July 23

Introducing Sedona Village Partnership: Connecting the community

At a recent brainstorming board meeting, one Sedona Village Partnership member said, given all of the recent major changes in our Village, why don’t we look at the original mission of the Village Vision Alliance (now SVP), and see how we can turn that into an action plan? And so we did.

The five key principals came from the Council’s Vision Plan. As we looked at each of these, we saw new impetus for our Village Alliance organization.

Connecting the Community

The purpose of the Sedona Village Partnership is to serve as a catalyst to support initiatives which activate the original five goals of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council Vision.

As a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization, these objectives still are:

• Protecting the pristine beauty of the Red Rock Country surrounding our Community;

• Nurturing a sense of community spirit and citizen involvement by maintaining our small-town atmosphere and values;

• Creating a “sense of place” through the amenities expressed in our art, educational and cultural opportunities and by strengthening and expanding our business community along the Red Rock Scenic Byway;

• Building bridges of communication and cooperation within our Community; and

• Promoting effective law enforcement, access to local health care, and a comprehensive transportation infrastructure.

We are already pursuing, in the meeting and /or discussion phase, of a few of these specific objectives.

For example:

  1. Transportation – seeking to find a way to encourage the Verde Lynx to extend its service to reach the Village;

  2. Healthcare – we are exploring a “walk-in,” no appointment type of facility in the Village;

  3. Exploring other safety and beautification features on the roads in our Village.

It is important to realize that all of these initiatives will take time.

As the “catalyst," the Sedona Village Partnership encourages and hopes that many community members will offer contacts, knowledge, expertise or help: contact with your information. That’s what “partnership” means, and we will keep you posted each month as news develops.

Special thanks to Sedona fine artist, Clark Sheppard,, for the new dynamic logo.