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Meet Rodney Boden – happy living at the speed of life

Rodney Boden engaging in one of his passions, skydiving, with wife, Stephanie.

Rodney Boden engaging in one of his passions, skydiving, with wife, Stephanie.

Looking for an adrenalin rush or a people centric marketing strategy design Rodney Boden is your man. Rodney is a new resident of the Village, new project manager for The Collective and the long-time development and marketing manager for Fenix Private Capital Group, and in his 33 years he’s experienced more life than many of us.

Rodney’s parents are both veterinarians, his dad from England and mom from Philadelphia. Her family was in commercial real estate. His father served in the British military, recording over 2,000 jumps. His grandfather was a codebreaker in WWII.

Growing up four miles from the beach, in Little Silver, NJ, Rodney got his first surf board at eight. He loved skateboards, roller-blades, mountain bikes, wake boards, motorcycles, water skiing and surfing (still his favorite thing to do).

At a boarding (high) school in Rhode Island Rodney continued to surf, in full wet suit, finding the best waves in the winter during the storms.

Heading to Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Rodney got his BS in Psychology (stopping 2 courses short of a Creative Writing degree) and took up skydiving and BASE jumping.

“Skydiving is the most potent and powerful experience of my life. It focused me. I attribute all of my future life successes to it," he said.

Moving to North Carolina he worked in counseling, doing a lot of home visits, but found it disappointing and contributed to a dark period of life. Caring deeply for his clients, Rodney found it difficult watching them making bad decisions and, even when making short-term progress, fall back into old patterns. He felt a need to make a difference and honestly didn’t feel he was.

An opportunity to move to Hawaii and work as a professional skydiver was too good to pass up and Rodney spent the next three years, part of that time self-employed, in a skydiving & aerial videography and photography business with clients like Red Bull, Go Pro, and Sony’s Action Cam.

“I needed a reset from the devastation of NC and Hawaii was it. I was happy and fulfilled," he said.

Rodney also became a certified skydiving instructor, which he still does.

Moving to Mesa, Rodney pursued two Masters degrees, Business Administration and Real Estate Development, at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business (named after his Great Uncle).

During this time he was president of the MBA student body and discovered motorcycle track racing – the latter became a passion. But three and four day weekends to prepare for and travel to racetracks no longer fit in his schedule.

Rodney was married in September of 2017 at L’Auberge de Sedona. His wife, Stephanie, is “an artist who chose hair as her daily medium.”

They like to hike, golf, bowl, travel and take wine-tasting vacations. Rodney is a self-described wine nerd.

He wants to always be available for input and can be contacted at

The bottom line is “how can we best serve each client and meet their specific need in the best way possible?”

Jim Cunningham, Jr. is a pastor, husband, father, lover of people, friend, neighbor, counselor, teacher, book collector, and jack-of-all-trades. Meet him here each month to become acquainted with yet another Village resident.

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