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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: July 10, 2018

Ted Grussing Photography

Ted Grussing Photography

I saw a bobcat whilst out with One this evening and it reminded me of a shot I took in 2015 of a young bobcat in someone’s yard high up on Merry Go Round Rock Road while heading into town. As always I had a camera with me, but relatively short glass, so I drove way over, almost in the gutter to get some shots of him, he stuck around and I shot while we had a conversation and as I recall I did most of the talking and he, the listening, The camera spoke frequently too, but no one seemed to care.

I messed with the image a little tonight … a new crop, adjustments to the background, and the same beautiful face as before.

My vow to use the laptop all week went by the waysides as when I got home this afternoon, the wireless router had died and with everything I have on the networks around the house, things seemed much simpler to just plug the cable directly from the modem into my monster computer … I will renew the effort once I establish a new network; my son in law likes the eero Pro system as it utilizes a mesh network and provides excellent coverage in every corner of their home. Should have everything back to normal by weeks end. Neat feature of it is all setup is done via your smart phone. Cool.!

A long day and time to wrap it … espresso in not that many hours and another day begins. Live it well … a smile you carry through the day should make for a beautiful day for you and everyone you meet.



While yet we talk and linger late at parting,

And this say o’er each day as my last words,

Success will come by love and trust and work.

Max Ehrmann

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