Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: The good news is the books were saved

Talk about volunteer service beyond the call of duty. FCML’s Bag-a-Bargain book sale was off to a great start last Saturday. Suddenly, a fierce wind converged on the Clark Memorial Clubhouse. The blue sky turned dark. Rain came in alternating light and heavy batches.

It’s not the first time friends of Clark Memorial Library have faced a storm, but it was the first time they’ve had some 2,000 books spread out to the elements.

Thanks to volunteers’ quick response to eminent disaster, no harm done. Carol Cain kept cool as a cucumber, helping Sybil Melody with sales to customers who were too busy stuffing books into bags to worry about the rain. Gabby Amorelli, Jeanne Campbell, Jenny Emminger, Luci Gandreau, and Jaxon Matthews leaped into action -- first to cover the books with tarps, which the wind tore away, and then to stuff books back into their cartons. Tom Worden, after helping David Perrell truck cartons from storage, raced back to help Henry Melody, Bill Scales, and David stash them into all available vehicles.

Of course, once the cartons were back in storage, the wind slacked off and the rain stopped. Don and Tricia Belousek, who arrived later to help with the anticipated concert crowd, report that it was sprinkling a bit, but they couldn’t figure what happened until Town staff told them they’d just decided not to cancel the concert because it seemed to be clearing up.

That’s the one bright spot. Not only did the evening provide good weather; a hefty audience enjoyed a fine Trotter’s Wake concert on the View Deck, unencumbered by books.

My personal apologies to all who were disappointed. All I can say is “books were saved.” And remind everyone: the in-library Bookstore is open during regular library hours (M-Th 1-5:30 p.m. and Fridays 8 a.m. to noon).

Therese Hearn


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