Mon, Aug. 19

Cottonwood City Council Q&A Round 4: Jackie Nairn

Jackie Nairn

Jackie Nairn

Clarkdale recently opted to co-locate its municipal magistrate court with the Verde Valley Justice Court. Would you support such a merger between the Cottonwood and Magistrate Court and local Justice Court?

The topic of consolidating the Cottonwood municipal court with the Verde Valley Justice Court and the Clarkdale municipal court was discussed at a city council work session in March of this year. Their direction to staff was to continue to explore this possibility. The discussion included things like court efficiency, providing same level of service at a lower cost, salaries of court clerks, and other ways to raise revenues. I could support a consolidation if there would be no additional cost to the City of Cottonwood and if the level of service provided to those participating in the local court would be improved. Of course, the location of this consolidated court would also be important as I would want to ensure that those who need to attend the court are able to get there without undue hardship and I would want to know the public wants such a change.

Are there other Cottonwood municipal services that should be contracted through the county or provided as a shared service with another area municipality? Please explain your answer.

My concerns for any proposed contracting or consolidation of city services with other municipalities or with the county would be similar to my concerns regarding the consolidation of the court. I would want to know the cost savings, the location and ease of accessing services for the public, that the level of service would be improved, and I would also want to know that the public is in favor of such changes.

Do you favor an annexation of Verde Village and/or Verde Santa Fe into the City of Cottonwood? Why/Why not? What role should the city play in a proposed annexation?

Annexing the Verde Villages is a concern that I have heard voiced during this campaign and the election two years ago. Many people who live in the Verde Villages have expressed a desire to not be annexed into the city but I have heard a couple that would be in favor of it. The benefits would need to outweigh the costs for me to approve of annexation and I would also want the majority of individuals living in those communities to want to be annexed. The city would become responsible for road maintenance and other infrastructure items that the county now provides to those areas which would increase costs to the city. If the public wants it and the city can afford it, then I could be in favor.