Mon, July 15

Camp Verde Town Council Q&A Round 3: Robin Whatley

In the Verde Valley, Camp Verde and Jerome are the only municipalities with a residency requirement for employment of the town manager and town marshal/police chief. Is this a policy you support?

I voted against having a residency requirement, for the position of Town Marshall, in a council meeting in Dec. of 2013.  I do not believe that the town should be in a position to tell department heads where they can and cannot live as long as they are able to fulfill their job requirements.  By having a residency requirement we are essentially telling anyone who lives outside our town boundaries, but lives in the Verde Valley, that they need not apply.  And so, we are in our current dilemma with our Commander, where the only applicants we are likely to get are going to live outside of the area, because local applicants are not willing, or perhaps able, to sell their homes in the Verde Valley to come and work for Camp Verde.   

The Camp Verde Town Council recently approved a 5-year contract for its town manager. Do you agree that there should be an employment contract between the town and its manager, and do you agree it should be for five years? Please explain your answer.

 I believe having a manager under contract is the right thing to do for the manager and the town. Every two years the council is going through a new election cycle.  By making the contract for 5 years it lessens the likelihood of the manager’s position becoming a political football.  A contract, also, gives a manager some degree of commitment, by the town to the manager, and the manager to the town.  However, either side can negate the contract if need be, within certain provisions.  By committing to a 5-year contract we are making the position more stable for the manager and the town.

The Camp Verde area is served by three private water companies. Do you believe water delivery should be a municipal service in Camp Verde? Please explain your answer.

 I believe that the town needs to be in control of our utilities for future growth and business opportunities, as well as, continuing to provide quality water to water company users.  Having control of the water supply gives us another asset in determining our future.