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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: June 4, 2018

Ted Grussing Photography

Ted Grussing Photography

I took this shot last spring when I was driving north on I-17 heading home after a day of shooting the incredible flower fields on the west side of Lake Pleasant. I had just topped the hill at Sunset Point when everything lit up as storm cells unleashed there liquid cargo and rays of sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the beautiful wild mustard fields … well, maybe one person … me … to capture and preserve the moment in time.

It was a beautiful day here and I was busy starting to make decisions which will very much alter my future and that is exciting … we’ll see how it goes, but it seems like adventure is back in life in a new way. To celebrate, I bought a new camera and after about ten years of all Canon, I am adding a Nikon to the arsenal. The sensor in the Nikon D850 is flat out awesome and the camera tracks very well which will be great for wildlife … and the Nikon 200/500mm lens. Not as many shots per second as my Canon 1DX bodies ( 7 compared to 12) Hopefully it will be coming soon … smiling.

To keep my inventory of camera stuff close to the idea of reason leads me to sell one of my Canon 1DX bodies. If you have an interest get in touch with me soon as I selling it for very little and the camera will remain as a mainstay in my wildlife shooting … I have two of them … one being sold and one staying.

Some friends sent me links to absolutely amazing video. Chris sent me this one of wildlife and because of the mind blowing camera gear you will see creatures in flight like you have never seen them. It is narrated in German, but you really do not need to understand the spoken word to appreciate the beauty. . Rich sent me a video that captures an amazing vid of a solar eruption including the eruption, ejection of a large plasma cloud and solar rain. Lots of explanations of events as occurring too. .

Into the weekend … have a joyous one and I’ll be back Monday morning. Enjoy today and speak kind words … they could be the last words you will ever speak.

Cheers and share your joy.


But from the brooding beauty of the night, and daily dancing shafts of golden sun …

The mystery and wonder of the world … that play the soundless music of the soul

And fill the heart with memory’s olden dreams … From these will come at last your faith in God.

Max Ehrmann

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