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Camp Verde hires ‘great leader’ in new marshal
Randy Foster strives to ‘display the qualities I admired from my previous supervisors’

Pictured at a May 18 meet and greet, Randy Foster is “looking forward” to moving to the Verde Valley and serving as the new Camp Verde Marshal. (Photo by Bill Helm)

Pictured at a May 18 meet and greet, Randy Foster is “looking forward” to moving to the Verde Valley and serving as the new Camp Verde Marshal. (Photo by Bill Helm)

His father first considered retiring to Camp Verde a few months ago.

So Randy Foster looked into the town and decided that it might also be for him and his family.

Camp Verde’s new chief of police had no idea the position of town marshal would open up.

When he found out, “I knew I had to apply,” he said.

On May 29, Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin announced that he had selected Foster to become the town’s next marshal.

Monday, the former mayor of Bloomfield, New Mexico said that Camp Verde is “fortunate to have” Foster.

“In my opinion, the City of Bloomfield is losing a great leader,” Scott Eckstein said Monday. “Randy has integrity and is easy to work with. I also found that Randy had the ability to get along with and work with all of the city departments, which is something you don’t often see. Randy’s down to earth personality, his high level of integrity, and work ethic make him an outstanding leader, [one] that people naturally want.”

‘Taking care of the officers’

Foster said recently that he cannot recall the reason he first wanted to become a police officer, but that he wanted to serve in law enforcement “ever since I can remember.”

“Once I entered the field and saw the positive changes an officer can make in others’ lives, I knew this was the right career,” Foster said.

Spending time early in his career as a field training officer, Foster said he was encouraged to pursue supervisory and management roles in law enforcement.

“After attaining these ranks, I realized that taking care of the officers meant they would take better care of the community,” Foster said.

June 25 start date

Since August 2014, Foster has been chief of police in Bloomfield. As he prepares to come to the Verde Valley, Foster said he “strive[s] to display the qualities I admired from my previous supervisors.”

“I try to focus on fixes to problem areas whether they be in the community, with officers’ work environment, or town finances,” Foster said. “I have had great supervisors that made sure I had the tools I needed to perform my job, whether they be equipment, training, time off, time with my family, or education.”

Last week, Foster said that he and his family are “looking forward to the move” to the Verde Valley. He and his wife Shayna have 7-year-old twin boys.

Foster’s first day on the job with the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office is scheduled for Monday, June 25, just in time for the monthly Coffee with a Cop.

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