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Big Park Council profile: Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher

I have the pleasure of representing Oak Creek Country Club Estates Unit I, a residential neighborhood and one of the original members of the Big Park Council. OCCCE considers itself a “neighborhood” rather than a Homeowners Association and has never had an active HOA.

Over many years, I’ve served as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Big Park Council, representing my neighborhood since the Council’s beginning in 1997.

Some of the biggest challenges were over controversial planning and zoning projects, over incorporation vs. annexation vs. remaining unincorporated AND over the identity of our community. I think what feels like the biggest success is the overwhelming support this community showed for keeping our community school open and the actions so many people took to try to make that happen. That says we really see ourselves as a unique community, not just an extension of Sedona.

I’m a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel and have owned my house since 1986 and lived here since 1994.

I grew up in Mississippi, went to college in Virginia, served in the Peace Corps in Southeast Asia and served in the Air Force in Florida, Mississippi, Alaska, Alabama, Virginia, Illinois and Los Angeles, California.

I love living in a small town, where you meet people you know at the grocery, post office, restaurants, etc. I miss some of the big city amenities, but know they are only 1-2 hours drive away. I, like many others in the Village, am increasingly frustrated by the traffic problems getting to appointments, volunteer commitments, church, shopping, etc. in the city of Sedona.

When asked about favorite pastimes, interests and/or community involvements, I would say, working out with friends at the Sedona Athletic Club, reading, hiking our magnificent red rock trails, and working to ensure our children, adults and seniors have quality educational opportunities.

My most valued work experience was serving as a detachment commander in Alaska, followed by a three-year tour in the Air Force as a management consultant. I believe those opportunities honed my leadership and organizational skills.

Also, my time in the Peace Corps taught me how to adapt to changing situations in places and with people I was not familiar with. I’ve definitely been able to use my leadership and organizational skills in working on the Council, and again, it’s been a pleasure.

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