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VERDE HERITAGE 1919: Fishermen Prepare for June 1

"From out of dusty attics and cellars, fishing tackles of every description, stage of usefulness and vintage are being dragged by local sportsmen in anticipation of the opening of the trout season on Sunday, June 1. Unusual interest is being manifested this year, probably due to the success which the oil promoters have had in the district."

"Sunday promises to be a quiet day at the churches. Dozens of parties have been formed, and arrangements made to be first on the ground at favorite holes. The enthusiasm is remarkable, several of the local anglers being optimistic enough to include their wives in the contemplated expeditions. One establishment which placed a special line of anglers' accessories in stock claims to have sold more paraphernalia in the past three days than was disposed of in any previous season."

"The 1919 Isaac Walton shows a fine discrimination in the matter of bait. Whether his judgment is equally good remains to be seen. While there are still those that incline to the 'sucker' hook, dough balls and worms, the great majority of Jerome enthusiasts have acquired flies, spinners, and crawlers, a like variety of which can be found only within the ornate covers of a sporting catalogue. There are even those that pin their faith to lures."

"The elaborate preparations are justified by the fishing possibilities. It is said Oak Creek fairly teems with voracious trout. According to a report brought in last night by an oil stock salesman who made a preliminary survey of the valley, the campers have to fight off the finny denizens of the deep with clubs --- at meal time --- which is a conservative statement for an oil stock salesman, particularly one that indulges in fishing as a form of recreation."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, May 30, 1919; page 1.)

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