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VOCA swings into busy golf tourney season in June

Greg Mann

Greg Mann

Did you know that of the 2,345 properties in VOCA, 16 owners are from outside the United States, 1,753 have Arizona residency and 45 states are represented? April 21, the Village of Oakcreek Association (VOCA) held its annual meeting for those property owners, where four newly elected Board of Directors were seated. We would like to thank the nine candidates who ran for election, and congratulate new members, Dee Doyle and Gwen Hanna, elected to serve three-year terms, with Jim Kautz and Steve Hertel elected to serve one-year terms.

Following the annual meeting, the board selected new officers for the coming year. Greg Mann will serve as president, Dee Doyle as secretary and Jim Kautz as treasurer. The remaining board directors, Jan Lisowski, Cal Wood, Gwen Hanna and Steve Hertel will serve as vice-presidents and will also be board representatives on VOCA committees.

June will be a very active month for the Oakcreek Country Club.

Numerous golf tournaments are scheduled, so check with Heather Risk and the Pro Shop staff for available tee times.

• June 1st – NAU/AKI Smokey the Bear, 8 a.m. start

• June 2 & 3rd – Ruben Martinez, 8:30 a.m. and noon starts

• June 8th – Three G’s, 7 a.m. start

• June 9th – Paul Skurda - AZDGA, 11:30 a.m. start

• June 11th – AJPT Juniors, 11 a.m. start

• June 16th – Just 4 Fun, 1:10 p.m. start

• June 17th – US Kids, noon start

• June 18th – Rim Cup, 8 a.m. start

• June 23-24 - AZ Grand Men’s Club, 8 a.m. and noon starts

• June 30th – Amy Daye Now, noon start

Please note that on June 5-6, Grounds Superintendent Robert Walton and his staff will perform aeration procedures. This needed grounds maintenance will remove from play the front nine holes one day, and the back nine the other day. Robert says it will take a minimum of two days to get the greens back to tournament putting conditions, and asks that players contact the golf shop to check, prior to booking tee times.

It’s a pleasure to report that a recently completed satisfaction survey stated, “Great, well-maintained golf course with incredible views. My parents moved here 15 years ago and the course and its amenities have only gotten better with time.” G. Shelley

One of VOCA’s always-busy committees is the Architectural Review & Restrictions, chaired by Jan Lisowski. The committee meets twice a month to review building and renovation plans and also review reports of violations. In January through May 7 this year, there were 30 violation notices for commercial vehicles, lot maintenance, excessive noise and rental violations. As of May 7, 25 have been resolved, and 5 remain in open or past-due status. Let’s all remember that being a VOCA resident and property owner includes being a good neighbor.

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