Sat, Dec. 14

Clarkdale Town Council Q&A: Bob Ingulli

Bob Ingulli

Bob Ingulli

Bob Ingulli

• Age: 66

• Years in Arizona/Verde Valley: 23/3

• Professional (and military) history: I moved to Arizona in 1995 after retiring from the NYPD as a lieutenant after 22 years of service throughout New York City. I relocated to the Tucson area and joined the Tucson Police Department. After several years of service as a walking beat and detective, I was afforded the exceptional opportunity to serve as the Police Chief in Pinal County for the Towns of Kearny and Florence. I am currently employed as a Compliance Agent for the Yavapai-Apache Gaming Commission as well as a Police Officer with the Yavapai College Police Department mainly assigned to the Clarkdale Campus.

• Education: I hold a B.S. in Management from Saint Joseph’s College in Brooklyn and a M.E from Northern Arizona University.

• Elective and Advisory Experience: Florence Unified School District and Clarkdale Board of adjustment as vice chair.

• Civic Affiliations: During my 15-year tenure in Pinal County, I satisfied my strong sense of community by participating on numerous boards exampled as follows: Chamber of Commerce; Rotary; Lions Club; Community Alliance against Family Abuse; Horizon Human Services; Cooper Communities Resources and Development; Pinal County Mounted Posse; Pinal County Law Enforcement Association;

Question 1: Given that Clarkdale will have a General Obligation Bond Election in November for Street Repairs and Improvements, do you support this bond? Why is a bond needed vs. paying for such a project through the town’s regular budget process? If approved by voters, what are the first-level priority needs for Clarkdale and why?

I am strongly opposed to any unnecessary General bond obligations, especially if poor budgetary practices caused the alleged need in the first place. I adamantly oppose high taxing of our fellow citizens whose money is the fiduciary responsibility of the Town Council. The Town Government must make every effort to remain within the parameters of its Budget constraints. Fortunately, this issue will be decided by the Voters in November and whether to proceed is to be confirmed by the will of our community, as it should be. Town Council Members are the Voice of our citizens and must create policy and decisions as the community demands. If approved by the Vote, then I believe the first priority must be to salvage the streets that remain able to be saved.

Question 2: With housing development back up and running in Clarkdale, please share your thoughts on development standards and philosophies on the Town’s role in regulating growth. Also please share your views on Economic Development, and the appropriate role the Town has in that process. What kind of commercial development is appropriate for Clarkdale, and what is the role of the Council/Town in those processes?

There are vast protected Federal and State Lands that are easily accessed for recreational purposes in comparison to the limited amount of residential land residing within the Verde Valley and specifically within the Town of Clarkdale. It is imperative the Town of Clarkdale permit development of this limited and valuable area to its fullest potential and maintain unfeasible property for development as open space. The Town and Council must remain advocates for sensible economic development and rapidly recognize potential opportunities as they appear.

I envision a Grocery Store, Home Improvement Center and a Railroad Museum strategically located within the Town of Clarkdale as viable in the future. The Verde River Access Points and Wine industry have tremendous potential to capture the tourist industry of the Verde Valley. The Town of Clarkdale and Town Council have an obligation to provide a business-friendly environment with incentives and partnerships where feasible that will generate revenues to offset the tax burden placed on our citizens.

Question 3: What involvement have you had with the Town of Clarkdale, and/or specific town issues, in the past, and how does that experience best qualify you to serve the citizens of Clarkdale?

As I have presented the knowledge and experiences I bring to Clarkdale that will provide a fresh and new perspective to an ever-evolving process. To preserve Clarkdale’s past while moving towards the future is eternally a challenge. My over 40 years of law enforcement and many years as a Police Chief in various locations provide me the wisdom of Public Safety Concerns and Quality of Life issues combined with budgetary insights to help the Clarkdale Town Council ensure the will of our community is met.

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