Fri, Oct. 18

Letter: Mudslinging tactics demeaning, dishonest, disgraceful


In response to candidate Michael Mathews outrageous accusations against me (June 22 Verde Independent), he is beginning to sound like a broken record. When you don’t have your own qualifications to run on, the next best thing is to attack your opponent, which he has done numerous times. And, if he says it often enough, maybe someone will finally believe him.

Let’s break it down. On numerous occasions he has parroted a group of individuals that reside outside the city limits, using their exact statements of “cronyism,” accusing me of being “unethical” and even insulting this newspaper with name-calling it the “Dirty Verde,” all of which are directly off the out-of-city-group’s Facebook page.

His intimation that the current city manager received a retroactive pay raise based solely on my motion is absurd. It took a unanimous vote by the city council, at which time all four present voted to approve the city manager’s contract. The retroactive stipulation was agreed upon as he had not received an evaluation for almost two years, including not receiving the usual salary increases. And it is hardly my responsibility that there were only four members present.

Cronyism literally means, “the appointment of friends and associates to positions of authority, without proper regard to their qualifications.” The city manager has been in that same position for many years before I sat on the council and received many raises without my input. It is my belief that he would have received this raise whether or not I was on the council. But this candidate loves to grandstand and make it sound otherwise.

I have proven time and time again that I don’t compromise my beliefs for a vote. I stand up for the little guy whose voice may be too quiet to otherwise reach the council’s ears. And as far as citizens, staff and employees demanding integrity from their council, indeed they do. And I have an excellent reputation and working relationship with all the above. I believe building genuine relationships is one of the most important duties a city council member has.

I find this candidate’s mudslinging tactics to be demeaning, dishonest and downright disgraceful. And I think our voters are getting tired of it after the last General and Presidential Elections antics.

The questions voters should ask themselves is: Do you want someone who has experience in the community, has demonstrated their service ethics by participating in commissions, boards, public events, school events and hands-on clean-ups long before they ever considered running for council (while simultaneously raising six children and having a full-time job) or do you want someone who’s history of service began less than two years ago, to use as fodder for an election portfolio?

Finally, do you want candidates to be elected whose number one interest is the needs of the citizens of the incorporated City of Cottonwood, or do you want someone beholden to outside groups and their agendas?

Kyla Allen

Candidate for Cottonwood City Council

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