Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Recycling a necessary, essential service for any community


Yesterday I went to recycle to find the recycling option disappeared from its location in the Bashas’ parking lot.

I am shocked and rather outraged that in this day and age, with Camp Verde’s 10-percent tax, property prices escalating, the new highway bringing new business and the promise of a very lucrative future, with a more sophisticated population moving into town -- geez, there’s even sushi being made at Bashas’ daily -- that such a short-sighted, in my opinion ignorant conclusion and decision was made.

If there’s not enough money in the coffers to provide the basic service of recycling in this day and age to your burgeoning (and wealthier, more educated) population it speaks of mismanagement of funds and certainly misguided priorities.

Are you really not aware that recycling is a necessary service? It reminds me of how the Camp Verde Town Council forced the one water store we had here years ago to leave because of some building code problems which left us without the service and the lovely man who went to the effort to start a business and provide a badly needed service for quality water but also left the building up and running. Good job.

In the 40 years I’ve lived here, I’ve watched Camp Verde grow despite lack of vision and common sense improvement and service decisions.

Recycling is not a choice, it’s a necessity for any growing community. Find the funds. Limited vision never got anyone anywhere.

Susan Zalkind

Alabaster Master M.ED

Camp Verde

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