Mon, July 15

Cottonwood City Council Election 2018: Bill Tinnin

Bill Tinnin

Bill Tinnin

Question: Are city employee salaries too high? If yes, what do you base this position on and what comparisons have you made that support your opinion? Bill Tinnin

It to me sounds like some city employees salaries are too high, but at this point in time, I haven’t the means to research that data.  It is my belief that to set anyone’s salary, comparisons must be made based on “Apples to Apples and not Apples to Oranges.”

Question – The city has prepared a comprehensive analysis for providing water both inside and outside the city and found that costs are higher to provide water outside the city.  The city council voted to institute higher rates for customers outside the city limits based on this data.  Would you keep this differential rate structure?  Please explain your answer.

I know that one of the reasons that the city of Cottonwood raised the water rates in Cottonwood after the purchase of the private water companies was maintenance and repairs of the old infrastructure, “it was in terrible condition.”  I believe that this may be the reasoning behind the Verde Villages as well, utilities were installed in the early to mid 70’s.  If that is the case then, the bad news is that to have a functional water system, then repairs must be made.

Question – Does the city have an unreasonable level of debt?  If so, what leads you to this conclusion and what comparisons have you made to support your position?

A municipality is like any business, debt is an evil necessity.  At present, I don’t have the necessary information about the city’s debts, but do feel that it is one of the most important problems facing any city today, research as to the how’s and why’s must be done and arrangements made to address the researched problems.  Not the speculated problems.