Wed, July 17


"Pioneering the frozen food locker business in the Verde Valley, William Farrow has announced the opening of The Verde Food Lockers about March 1. The plant, now under construction at the corner of Lawrence Avenue [later, Main] and Main Street, will contain a spacious combined display room and office, a locker vault with 325 lockers, a sharp freeze cabinet, processing room and storage and chill room."

"The locker vault is insulated with six-inch spun glass on all six sides, insuring an average temperature of five degrees below zero. A special feature will be a 20 cubic foot sharp freeze cabinet with average temperature of 30 degrees below zero. This will provide almost immediate freezing of all products."

"The processing will be 25 by 60 feet, modernly equipped."

"The processing room service includes handling beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry, fruits and vegetables, processing them completely at a moderate charge for labor and materials."

"Mr. Farrow pointed out that the locker plant offers families of the Verde Valley an economical method of preserving a variety of foods for use the year around providing a service heretofore not available to them. About 50 per cent of the lockers have been rented, Farrow said."

"The contractor for the new building is Tony Stadelman and refrigeration installation is being handled by the T & T Refrigeration, of Cottonwood."

(The Verde Independent; the new Cottonwood newspaper; February 12, 1948; page 5.)


"Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, William B. Farrow and Arlene M. Farrow, husband and wife, doing business as VERDE FOOD LOCKERS at Cottonwood, in Yavapai County, Arizona, on the west side of Main Street, and at Smelter City, intend to sell on the 10th day of April, 1953, at a single transaction and not in the regular course of business, the whole of their stock in trade, equipment, fixtures, leasehold interests and good will, in connection with the aforesaid business, located as above, to Newell F. Rhoton. ... Possession of said property and business will be delivered to the buyer on April 1, 1953, and all bills incurred on and after that date will be the sole responsibility of said buyer. Dated the 24th day of March, 1953. William B. Farrow and Arlene M. Farrow."

(The Verde Independent; March 26, 1953; page 8.)

Eventually, the Price Auto Parts Store occupied this building.


"Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Scott, recently of Newport, Washington, have taken over ownership and management of the former Price Auto Parts Store in Cottonwood."

"The business has been renamed SCOTT AUTO PARTS. The Scotts were in the same type of business in Newport for 7 years. Their son, Don, will be the outside salesman for the firm. He has purchased a home in Smelter City. The younger Scotts have 5 children."

"Mr. and Mrs. Scott are enthusiastic about their new venture in the Verde Valley. 'We plan to at least equal the service given by the previous owners, and in addition expand the facilities,' Scott said."

"The Scotts enjoy smaller communities. Before going to Washington they were residents of California, near Los Angeles, for 20 years."

"Scott is a Mason and Eastern Star. His wife is an Eastern Star member. Their son is a member of the Elks Lodge."

(The Verde Independent; Thursday, December 8, 1960; page 5.)

This building has been occupied by BARTER INN for many years.