Fri, Nov. 15

Letter: St. Paddy’s Bag-a-bargain was well and merrily staffed

I see VI reporter Vyto Starinskas discovered Clark Memorial Library volunteers’ secret weapon (photo, March 18). We’re all leprechauns! Who else would subject themselves to backbreaking book hauling? Especially over Spring Break.

However, the Bag-a-Bargain sale turned out thrice better than we’d expected. A bag at a time, mystery, thriller, and cookbook lovers hauled away many cartons of prime reading and eating.

So now it’s time for applause.

Long-distance haulers outdid themselves. “Dr. Phil” Dirksen, Jenny Emminger, David Perrell, John Sherman and his friend Dan, Bill Taylor, and Tom Worden supplied five trucks and two hatchbacks to move cartons to and from the library.

John also lent us his beautiful cedar boards. The lads rearranged furniture, too, and helped set up outside on Friday when the weather proved good.

Jenny also helped Carol Cain, Charlotte Hawken, Sybil Melody, and me create the book displays. And to assist shoppers during the sale, Carol, Sybil, David, and I were joined by Kim Holland, Kathy Ivey, and Jaxon Matthews.

Needless to say, St. Paddy’s Bag-a-bargain was well and merrily staffed. Three cheers for a truly great crew.

Now we need to put the Friends Bookstore back together with a whole new selection of mysteries, thrillers, and cookbooks, freshen the other 34 genre’s on display, and return to our daily bookstore schedule: Monday through Thursday afternoons from 1 to 5:30 pm and Friday mornings from 8 to noon. The same hours Clark Memorial Library is open.

Actually, 24 hours a week -- on weekdays -- isn’t enough to give local book lovers access to the enormous selection of truly “gently used” books donated by the community to help save CML.

We display around a thousand and bring in more cartons on request. But this doesn’t help those who can’t make it to the library by 5:30. In-library book sales don’t either. We’re working on this.

While we’re figuring, book lovers who want more information on the Bookstore, want to help process book donations or sell them, or have suggestions can call CML -- (928) 634-5423 -- and ask to speak to the Bookstore attendant, or email

Therese Hearn


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