Fri, Feb. 21

Letter: What am I missing in Cottonwood- Oak Creek education brand?

I attended a Cottonwood-Oak Creek School Board meeting Thursday night.  First, I would like to thank the board for voting for the K–8 model for the two other schools with proper administrative support. Now I do not have to spend the next few months getting signatures.

Before the meeting, I prepared by researching recall petitions and reading the minutes from the previous meeting.  In the call to order, Michelle Stadelman stated there “has been a decline of 700 students since 2005.”  The board is concerned with their competition.

Why does the board not see that huge elephant in the back of the room?  Who is your competition?  Kindergarten through fifth or eight grade schools. Am I just being Captain Obvious here?

I was in business before I ever became a teacher.  Rule number one:  Learn from your competition.

When did COCSD decide to do that terrible experiment and break up the elementary schools at the expense of our children for money?  I am thinking right around the time that COCSD started losing students.  Parents with kids in four different schools, just thinking about it gives me a migraine.  Have you forgotten the MVP controversy, too?

You cannot compete with the other schools when your objective is money and their objectives are students and families.  If this is business, then you have got to come up with a better brand.  Not “we send your kids all over town, to save a few bucks” but “hey we’ve got an MVP waiting list.”

How much money do we spend on MVP?  Is that cost-effective for the amount of students served?  Is it segregation as a Hispanic parent eloquently suggested?  Why isn’t COCSD expanding MVP if you have a waiting list and are actually concerned with dwindling enrollment? 

What am I missing?

Deborah Crincoli


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