Sun, April 05

Letter: Why the revolving door of Cottonwood police dispatehrs?


It has come to my attention, that several “Communications Specialist” positions with the Cottonwood Police Department have been continuously open for at least two years, if not longer. The question is why?

After talking to people who are familiar with the Police Department, specifically dispatch, I was told that the department has not had any new hires who made it through the probation period for quite some time. Dispatchers who have worked there for years now, are bragging about being able to work tons of overtime, because of the personnel shortage.

I think that an in depth investigation would be in order to find out, who gets hired, who gets fired, and why? People who apply for this position have to go through stringent background investigations, pass several tests, interviews, medical and psychological examinations as well as polygraph tests in order to qualify for the job.

I find it highly unlikely that people who make it this far, are suddenly not qualified to continue with their career in dispatch. They either get fired or quit only weeks into their training period, which is supposed to last for six months.

What is happening here? One common denominator is training.

You would think that the Police Department would want to hire and keep qualified people to advance them to become effective 911 dispatchers, and cut back on the overtime that present dispatchers are making.

Why is this not happening?

Heidi Moore


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