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Sedona Pathways Our Daily Journey: march 30, 2018

Ted Grussing Photography

Ted Grussing Photography

On the way home from Flagstaff this afternoon a number of thoughts were running through my mind … the shoot this morning with several friends at Dead Horse State Park, getting more photos of the beautiful Vermillion Fly Catcher, the flight down Copper Canyon, all the good things that people do for each other and the few who simply seem incapable of doing good.

I took a photo of the group this morning standing out in a field with our mighty camera equipment and chuckled at the visage … five people out in the field with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of camera gear, and for what purpose? To shoot a little bird of great beauty and share it with our friends and perhaps a commercial purpose printing or otherwise selling the image, but mostly this group is about sharing.

So we have this incredible species of which we are members, exploring nature, the world and all that is, with the primary purpose of showing others of our species the beauty that surrounds each and every one of us … like wow, what else is out there that we are sharing the planet with. Our little tweety bird had little interest in us, but spent more than a half hour playing in our vicinity and allowing us to capture image after image … pose after pose. I took more than 400 shots and collectively we probably took a couple of thousand photographs of this little bird and now we are all going through our respective treasure seeing what we have captured and preparing to share the treasure we photographed this morning.

Daily, everywhere in the world, people are exploring, innovating and finding ways to share beauty and good things to make our lives better, and to be honest, it is cool being human and part of this wonderful species whilst we are here … each of us has individual talents that we use to contribute to the overall good … there are the vocal exceptions who sometimes seem to drown out the beauty, but in real numbers there are not many of them … most people are good … some do not know it yet … a very few never will.

So enjoy the day, your friends and family and appreciate the gift of life as a human being … it is so remarkable!

Back on Monday and for all my friends, family and those others who celebrate their beliefs as Christians, a very Happy Easter to you … and for all, a wish that you may appreciate everything in life, for as humans, we are blessed … diverse, but unified as humans in a most amazing place … keep breathing … find a way to give back … a smile will work.


Love someone – in God’s name love someone – for this is the bread of the inner life, without which a part of you will starve and die;

And though you feel you must be stern, even hard, in your life of affairs, make for yourself at least a little corner, somewhere in the great world,

Where you may unbosom and be kind.

Max Ehrmann

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