Thu, Jan. 23

Second city manager to address KSB 'Preserving the Wonder' series

Free to members, residents and visitors, join Keep Sedona Beautiful May 9 at 5:30 p.m. at its historic Pushmataha Center on 360 Brewer Road. The evening will include complimentary refreshments donated by El Rincon Restaurante Mexicano and KSB.

According to City Manager Justin Clifton, “The Sedona Community Plan sets ambitious goals for sustainability, establishing a vision that Sedona ‘becomes an international model for the successful balancing of environmental protection and human wants and needs.’" This presentation will outline how the city is attempting to develop a sustainability “lens” through which tourism, traffic, housing, resource protections and other challenges are viewed. Attendees will learn how the city is investing in sustainability policies and programs and an update on current events.

Keep Sedona Beautiful’s monthly Preserving the Wonder™Speaker Series runs the 2nd Wednesday of each month from September through May.

New volunteers needed to de-litter Village roadsides

Villagers are seeing more trash and litter along roadsides each passing year. Your indefatigable KSB Litter Lifters are cleaning more, but sadly the litter continues. Some suggest the increase is due to more building and commercial activity, with items blowing out of their trucks as they zoom south along SR179 and Beaverhead Flat Road. The items I’ve picked up seem to confirm this. It would help if we all ask our landscaper or contractor to ensure that site trash items are secure in their vehicle or trailer.

This litter increase, together with the recent retirement of several key KSB Litter Lifters, means we have an immediate need of new volunteers. Our current openings are on SR179 through the forest on the way to Sedona, plus several sections further south of the Village on SR179. We would assign you a mile section and ask you to clean litter at least monthly. KSB provides the instruction, tools, bags and safety vests. You get to accomplish a good rewarding task as you commune with nature. Why not give it a try?

While picking up litter is critical, let’s prevent litter in the first place. We must work constantly to encourage new behaviors by everyone: For example, having a reusable grocery bag means one less plastic bag ending up on the side of the road. Plastic and cans are among the most common items we pick up as litter. (FYI, some plastics take 50 years to decompose in landfills, if there is room.)

Finally, please consider making a pledge to use a refillable water bottle instead of a plastic one. Less demand, less waste, less litter. Please recycle as much as practical. This reduces demand on our landfills and takes potential litter out of the waste stream. Preservation, recycling, conservation and sustainability are lifestyle choices that we promote and celebrate. Joining the KSB crew of litter lifters is one way to join that celebration. -- Bill Pumphrey, KSB Trustee

Hattie Braun reaps Herkenham Award

Hattie Braun was recognized for her education and implementation of native plant landscaping at KSB’s 39th annual Native Plant Workshop held on April 7th.

The Norman B. Herkenham Award was presented to Braun by unanimous vote for Braun’s indefatigable dedication to learning and teaching about flowers, bushes and trees that our Northern Arizona arid and windy environment embraces rather than scorns.

Over 120 people attended KSB’s Native Plant Workshop, learning how to attract birds and butterflies and repel pests-- the xeriscaping and native plant workshops were full. “Unleash Your Garden’s Wild Side: Garden Design Using Native Plants” was the morning keynote at the Native Plant Workshop which addressed homeowners’ number one landscaping question: “How do we use native plants without making our front yard look like a weed patch?”

Mark your calendars now to attend next year’s 40th Annual Workshop on April 6th, 2019.

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