Sat, Aug. 17

Letter: Teacher frustration about much more than money


This teacher frustration has been simmering for more than ten years and it is about much more than money. It actually began with the federal mandate of No Child Left Behind.

Since that time teachers have been responsible, liable, accountable, and blamed for a multitude of societies problems. Most of the frustration stems from onerous and intrusive federal mandates, that because of the money attached, became state mandates.

A simple example of this is a teacher could lose their job because of one high-stake test designed by some committee somewhere that decided what the test criteria would be. This is just one example of multitude of mandates.

To add to this frustration, years ago Arizona voters passed proposition 301 mandating more money be given directly to the teachers. But by the time the fine print was done and the ink dried the first of the money went to several other agencies and then to the teachers who suddenly had to jump through all kinds of hoops to prove they were worthy of the money. And if they didn’t adequately jump through the hoops the money was withheld from them.

In a effort to not be too lengthy, I have given only a few example of the frustrations, many more could be cited. There is plenty of blame to go around, but you can’t ask a red blooded American to go to college for four to six years and then treat them like serfs. They eventually will rebel and that is what we have, a rebellion and it is about much more than money.

Vicki Jo Anderson