Thu, Oct. 17

Letter: Don’raise sales tax because Cottonwood outspending budget


The proposal to raise Cottonwood’s sales tax is quite disturbing. It is already at 3 percent. How many thousands of people regularly pay this tax at Cottonwood retail establishments yet receive no goods in return? Perhaps the City of Cottonwood should look at user pay fees to reduce their budgetary burdens. If you use the Rec center, pay a fee. How many thousands around here could care less about a swimming pool or pickle ball or even the library? You use Riverside Park? Pay an entrance fee like at Dead Horse State Park. Interested in Wi-Fi at the library? Pay an hourly fee. Nothing in this world is free. Remember, city residents don’t pay a property tax. They ‘steal’ money from the entire Verde Valley to finance their dreams, wishes and exorbitant amenities.

Obviously, Cottonwood is outspending its budget. Why? And the disturbing part is why should all of the folks who chose not to live within the city limits be subjected to taxation without representation. I suggest that folks spend their money elsewhere if Cottonwood raises their sales tax. The food tax is just plain wrong. Buy more fresh food from local farmers. Grow your own food, or better yet, vote for Council Members who will abolish the food tax. Sales taxes are the most regressive taxes of all. Taxing food is the most regressive of the regressive sales taxes.

We have an aging population. That also means there is not a lot of fresh money coming in. Tourism is always the answer to taxation as visitors pay. After awhile, the word will get out that Cottonwood has taxes that eat away at your vacation budget and the tourists will select other towns to spend their money in. Increasing the sales tax to provide amenities that are of questionable value is outright theft. If my history serves me correctly, King George had the same idea and folks had one heck of a tea party.

Lu Parker


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