Tue, Oct. 15

Letter: Eliminate the healthcare middleman


Baby boomers were born from the very finest that fought and won World War II, etc.

Because of this huge increase of these hard workers, America boomed from the boomers.

But now Rand Paul just stated, “We have to realize we don’t have money to support Medicare and other social security programs for retirees. At this rate, we’ll simply run out of money.”

But Paul and the GOP don’t understand, they are figuring that there will always be twice as many people retiring all the time.

If we are the richest country in the world and the boomers help made us the richest country in the world, shouldn’t we be there for them?

Paul agrees we can’t be the world police.

Every conflict since WWII has gone badly for us, leaving vacuums for evil, costing us tremendously in blood and treasure.

At least allocate the same amount of money for our people compared to the military.

Why do we need health insurance companies in the first place? Think about it, why should a “for profit” company make the decisions for sick people?

Why is there never a conversation about the obvious problems? Why do the insurance companies want to pull out? Because the healthcare system is broken?

No, it’s because they aren’t making nearly enough money, plain and simple.

Giving good decent coverage is very expensive, but just imagine if insurance companies weren’t in the mix, freeing up those billions of dollars a year and negotiating pharmaceuticals down?

But the payoff to these companies to the politicians would have to stop for this to become a reality. We could solve all the healthcare problems from the inside out.

Walter Cobler

Camp Verde

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