Sat, Jan. 18

Letter: Camp Verde sewer rates still rishing


Camp Verde Sewer Rates will rise again in January 2019. Those now paying $94 per month will then be paying $108. Those paying $84 will begin paying $97. The $75 assessment will rise to $86.

The current average rate will go from $42 to $49. These assessments will continue going up annually through 2022. Does anyone else feel that sewer fees of $100 per month in Camp Verde AZ are unreasonable?

I am writing again to protest the Fixture-Count-Method, which the Town uses to determine Wastewater fees. I feel that this method unfairly targets single people or couples still living in large homes built years ago when no one could have foreseen that they would one day be penalized for their high number of fixtures.

The rates they are paying would be justifiable if they were running B&Bs, taking in laundry, or having endless company. But they are not! They are, for the most part, widowed or couples on fixed incomes still living in a home, which they worked hard for.

It has been reported that town officials appeared to feel that this method is justifiable because “only” 7 percent of the customer base is paying over $60 per month.” (That percentage will rise in 2019.) Only” about 70 of the approximately 1000 households in the Wastewater Division paying out-of-sight fees does not make it right! I do not think it is OK that a few of us are being targeted way out of proportion to our wear-and-tear on the system. One person with four commodes does not use as much sewer power as four people with one bathroom!

I will keep asking the Town Council to come up with a less harsh method than this Fixture-Count-Method of assessing sewer customers, such as a flat fee or a cap on assessments. I will spare you my long list of arguments against this method and will simply ask the town to do what is right.

I recently attended a military retirement ceremony. The retiree being honored was thanking those who helped him along the way. He especially thanked the mentor who, early in his career, had counseled him to always do the right thing, advice, which had served him well.

Town Council members, please use your leadership skills to come up with a sewer assessment method, which does the right thing and treats people fairly.

Dorothy Bast

Camp Verde

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