Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Give locals a transmitter to allow bridge crossing


I have avidly followed the continuing (vociferous) debate regarding the VOC residents and the horrific increase in tourist traffic which negatively impacts the lifestyle and safety of the VOC residents.

I suggest this possibility. 

If and when a bridge is built, or a new route is created to alleviate the traffic issue, why not use a RESIDENTS ONLY restriction to effectively defeat its use by any of the tourist traffic? 

The only access to this new route would be through the use of a transmitter to open a gate, or otherwise allow ONLY resident passage. This technology has been used for years by Chicago, San Francisco, and many other cities who use a ‘toll’ system. The purchase of a transmitter could only be made by VOC residents, in person at a designated site, for a reasonable annual fee, which would help defray the initial building costs and sustain the maintenance costs of this alternative route. 

Verified Sedona residents might also be able to purchase a transmitter for easier access to the many new offerings in VOC. Any Sedona or VOC resident not wishing to participate would have the freedom to continue to fight the weekend traffic, as usual. The transmitter purchase would be optional only, not mandatory.

If any tourist ‘mistakenly’ tries to utilize this resident only access, a traffic camera at the site could be used to issue traffic tickets using their license plate to identify them. Signage along the road, stating the (significantly large) traffic fine for any invalid, non-resident use of the route would be sufficient legal warning for the issuance of mailed out traffic fines.  (This works. My son has had to pay tickets in Chicago over the years for infractions viewed by traffic camera only.)

The businesses in either area, Sedona or VOC, would NOT be able to purchase access transmitters for their ‘guests’ or transportation vans’ use. ONLY valid residents with proof of residency, would have access to owning access transmitters.

What a simple solution which both allays the fears of the alternate route residents, (ruin our property values, create a new tourist volume of traffic noise and pollution) and at the same time, allow VOC residents the freedom and safety of swift passage to Sedona, which they are now being denied.

I’m surprised that the hundreds of thousands spent on ‘researching’ this traffic issue have not publicly suggested this possibility, at least not to my knowledge. If this has been brought up previously, I wholly support it.

Carlin Coleman


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