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VOCA's success dependent on unified team effort

Gwen Hanna
VOCA Board 
of Directors

Gwen Hanna President VOCA Board of Directors

It takes a village to run VOCA and many are involved. The collective effort of this team makes us the Village of Oakcreek Association. Our team consists of:

• Board of Directors … bear the ultimate responsibilities for operating the association on the owners’ behalf.

The board sets policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, programs, and budgets.

Some of these responsibilities are delegated to various committees that provide recommendations for subsequent board consideration and vote.

The general management team (golf operations and HOAMCO’s community association manager) report to the board through the president.

Bylaws state: The president shall have general supervision over the affairs of the association, subject to the control of the board.

The function of all officers of the board is to carry-out board-approved activities/actions -- none are empowered to make unilateral decisions. Elected by the VOCA community, the board is responsible and responsive to the members of the association.

• Committees … are the backbone of the association. Dedicated volunteers serve on various committees such as Architectural Review, Finance, House & Grounds/Courts, Golf & Greens, Activities, and Policy. Ad hoc committees are formed as needed with specific objectives and deliverables. These committees offer recommendations that assist the board in making decisions affecting VOCA operations.

• HOAMCO … is the subject matter expert and administrator for the HOA. Although the ultimate decisions for VOCA rests with the board, HOAMCO assists the board in making informed decisions related to running a homeowners association and remaining compliant with HOA laws/regulations.

HOAMCO and their onsite team aid in all aspects of finance and compliance administration. Their activities/actions are monitored by the board (primarily by the president and treasurer) and they work closely with the Architectural Review, Finance, and House & Grounds committees.

• Golf Operations … Oakcreek Country Club is a department/unit of VOCA that must operationally stand on its own. The general management team of golf operations consists of the head golf professional and the golf superintendent.

Upon direction/approval from the board, the Golf & Greens Committee will also help provide direction, support, and oversight. HOAMCO’s involvement with golf operations is limited to finance administration. All other aspects of managing the golf course, rests with the golf general management team.

• Owners … last but certainly not least is VOCA members/property owners. The basic authority of the association starts with the owners who elect the board.

The owners hold the power to elect and remove board members, amend governing documents and approve special assessments. Therefore it’s important that owners provide input, be involved in committees, attend meetings, understand/comply with governing documents and participate and vote in community elections. Owners’ voice and votes absolutely matter.

No one person or entity has the power much less the bandwidth to run this association. It’s only when we work together that we can make VOCA a preferred place to live. Thank you to this dedicated team. Also, a shout-out to VOCA members: come join us by volunteering on committees or running for the board.

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