Tue, Oct. 22

Letter: Decline of Sedona pretty much true for all of Arizona


As a 6th generation native Arizonan I can relate to Patti Hughes Letter on the decline of Sedona. I feel the same way about the whole state and especially the state government.

I grew up in a not-so-nice part of Phoenix and witnessed more violence before my eighteenth birthday than most middle and upper class people ever see (minus first-responders and war vets).

But frankly the assaults, muggings, having guns and knives pulled on me, well, I’ll take these criminals over the scumbags moving to this state who think they can mistreat us native Arizonans, most of them work for the education and university system.

While there are few decent people moving here, I am much more concerned about the caravan of people from back east than the non-citizens approaching in the south.

I actually have something in common with those approaching from the south (we have both had to flee violence from our own governments).

We need radical reform: no running for state office until you have been here for 10 years. This is Arizona and it is for Arizonans primarily, yet our traitorous government has sold its soul to capitalist pigs and yankee educators.

This state was founded by Indians, Mexicans, and Confederates. We are not like you and we have no interest in becoming like you. If you don’t like us, move elsewhere. If you love the federal government so much, move to Washington D.C.

Matthew Holmes


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