Tue, Feb. 25

VERDE HERITAGE 1928: Clarkdale Street Paving.

"Main Street in Clarkdale was the scene of orderly tumult today, as the paving crew of the Harry Galbraith company, of Jerome, started running grades and moving dirt for the pavement on Main Street. The contract, on which the workmen started operations yesterday, designates a six-inch cement pavement, with all proper curbs and sidewalks from Broadway to 10th Street."

"In running the grades, the hill just below the high school, is to be materially reduced. In cutting down this grade a retaining wall will be constructed past the high school. The sidewalks are to be brought down to street level. It was said today that the street adjacent to the school will be widened to make a uniform broad boulevard of Clarkdale's principal business street."

"FIRST LINK IN TOURIST HIGHWAY: The street work which started in Clarkdale yesterday marks the first actual step in the Verde district link of the new north and south tourist highway into central Arizona."

"An appropriation of $100,000 has been made for the improvement of the Oak Creek road. Other connecting links have been taken over by the state for improvement and maintenance. Improvement of the road between Clarkdale and Jerome has been agreed upon. With work actually in progress on the Clarkdale section of paving and with $54,000 set aside for the paving of the principal streets of Jerome, it appears that the Verde district is to lead the procession in the good roads march of progress."

(Verde Copper News; Tuesday, November 20, 1928; page 1.)

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