Mon, Sept. 16

Letter to the Editor: Maybe we can make this a 'locals only' bridge


If you look at any Village of Oak Creek street map you will see that there are two main roads that go to Sedona.  But, one of those roads need a bridge where there used to be a bridge.

Sending the tourists down Route 260 and 89A may be a good alternative to coming into Sedona, however most of our visitors will still go the most majestic and beautiful way which is Route 179 or 89A through the Canyon.

One of the $250,000 traffic studies Sedona had done by consultants Kinley-Horn stated that 4,300 daily trips are made by local residents between the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona.  The Red Rock Crossing bridge, or an alternate bridge via Verde Valley School Road, will relieve this traffic on Route 179 and make the majority of local residents happy.  

It is about time we start thinking of our neighbors and friends; those who drive back and forth daily, who work in Sedona, who go to their doctors/dentists, who attend schools, who do shopping, who attend cultural events and who must go quickly to the Sedona Medical Center.

I hope “Keep Sedona Moving” will think of friends and neighbors on both sides of wherever the bridge is, and not just a few who don’t want it.  Maybe we can make this a “Locals Only” bridge.

Allan Fairchild

Village of Oak Creek

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