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Meet your Big Park Council Rep. Bob Kraft

Bob Kraft

Bob Kraft

Who do you represent on Big Park Council and what kind of member is it: Residential (RAM), Business (BOA), or Educational Institution (EIM)? Briefly describe its character or anything that makes it unique.

Bob Kraft: I have been the representative to Big Park council from Canyon Mesa Townhouse Association for seven years.  Canyon Mesa is on Jacks Canyon Rd. and surrounds a nine-hole executive golf course.  It’s open to the public and comfortably challenging.  It’s wooded and lush green.  One visitor called it, “The Garden of Eden.”  Canyon Mesa also has a pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse which hosts meetings and community activities.

Current/Past Officers and Committee/Project Chairs, describe your title and responsibilities. What have been your most interesting challenges and successes with the Council?

Bob Kraft: I have served as committee chair for award scholarships and been on the officer nominating committees. I have been particularly pleased to serve on the council.  I enjoy being part of community decisions.  Council representatives and officers have been consistently civil, intelligent, and professional.  Decisions are carefully thought out and discussed thoroughly. 

Do you work full time, part time, retired or retired part time?

Bob Kraft: Retired.

How many years have you lived in the Big Park/Village of Oak Creek area and from where did you come? What do you like best and least about living here?

Bob Kraft: I retired in 2004 from the faculty of Eastern Michigan University (EMU), located in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  My wife Rosalyn and I moved here for the scenic beauty, moderate climate and sunshine.  I particularly like Big Park/The Village.  The people here are cultivated, tolerant, and eager to be good neighbors.  And they are always willing to be of service.

What are your favorite pastimes, interests and/or community involvements?

Bob Kraft: The most useful service I have been able to offer my Big Park community is the creation of the Big Park Academy for Advanced Learning.  This is a biweekly seminar designed for retired professionals.  We have lively, intense conversations about national and global issues which are explored through journalist sources worldwide. There are no lectures nor tests. We have a fall and winter term and are now entering our seventh term.

This academy is an outcome of a Big Park/Village vision initiative that Mel Copen (a former Big Park Council President) started several years ago. Since it had been my work at EMU to create new courses and programs, I felt I could create a program that would suit Big Park residents.  And along came partners and international educators Jan and Don Groves, plus Teacher/Director Carol Ray.

The academy has been enjoyable, rewarding, and ideal for life-long learning.  And there is still space for newcomers. Contact:

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