Sun, Feb. 23

Letter: Will Robinson is not in danger; it’s the citizens of America


For the record, yes, Abraham Lincoln, when nominated and elected President of the United States in 1860, was a Republican, and, in fact, was the leader of the Moderate faction of the Republican Party.

However, he ran as a National Union Party candidate for his second term because of differing views taking place in the Republican Party. A quasi party by the name of National Union was used to attract War Democrats, Unionist Party Members who would not vote for the Republic Party. The National Union Party became the Democratic Party.

Another faction of the Republic Party was the Radical Republicans. The Radicals wanted a complete permanent eradication of slavery and secessionism and were opposed during the War by the Moderate Republicans led by President Lincoln. In fact, it was the Radicals who pushed the 14th Amendment through Congress.

The Emancipation Proclamation was Lincoln’s presidential proclamation and executive order; however it only freed slaves in 10 states to suppress rebellion in those states. It did not free slaves in areas determined not to be in rebellion (3.5 million of the 4 million slaves were freed).

We are facing mid-term elections, which are of the utmost importance. If changes are not made to the Senate and House, I fear we are in for more of the same ineffective, disjointed and, frankly, dangerous Senate. As the Republican Party continues to ignore the doublespeak of this president, it is us, the American public, who will surely suffer long-term damage.

The swamp will continue to be filled with more bottom feeders (those feeding off of taxpayers’ money for their personal interests). The White House will continue with self-castration and remain in such upheaval that not much will get done.

Domestic issues are very important and must be addressed in order to effectively address matters on the world stage. “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858

If our votes in November turn Left for local, state and federal, it will be a loud message that we are tired of the status quo. We are tired of the lack of backbone from the Right’s leaders, the inability to take care of government business and political doublespeak.

Will Robinson is not in danger; it’s the citizens of America.

Employment has grown by more than 3.2 million over the last 17 months; however, this growth pattern started in October 2010. The average gain under this administration is 189,000 jobs per month, which is approximately 13 percent below monthly average of 217,000 during the previous administration. Corporate profits rose to a record high of $1.78 trillion in 2017 and running even higher this year . . . can you say Tax Initiative. And those wage increases (1.5 percent for rank and file) will disappear because of eminent higher consumer prices due to trade wars.

When you go to the polls, do not vote for party. Vote for those who will be honest to the best of their ability, remember they are politicians. Will be transparent, will respect their office, will listen to their constituents and most of all, will put the interests of the people before their interests.

Sharron Ashford


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