Fri, Oct. 18

Round 3: Mingus Union School Board Q&A -- Carol Anne Teague

Carol Anne Teague

Carol Anne Teague

Question 1: While most government agencies and school districts in the Verde Valley provide audio and/or video documentation of school board meetings, and in some cases make those audio recordings available on their websites, Mingus Superintendent Penny Hargrove says this “is not a practice our board supports.” If elected, would you work to having this changed? Why/why not?

Teague: The Arizona School Boards Association does not recommend publishing recordings of school board meetings. I believe in listening to our experts, so I would choose a different battle.

Question 2: In agreeing to the school district consolidation settlement, Mingus Union “will not legally challenge any future consolidation effort using this petition form in any future election cycle.” Is it fair for the current Mingus board to tie the hands of future school boards on this issue? Please explain.

Teague: Mingus has not “tied the hands of future school boards.” That is not what happened.

Mingus asked the court to stop a disastrous consolidation petition. It was a flawed form, the petition wording was admittedly covered up when asking for signatures and it made pie-in-the-sky promises. Its authors had no thought about the ramifications and consequences of an unplanned, hurried consolidation.

To quote the Verde Independent article of 8/18/ 2018: “Today’s settlement means that any future election, presenting the question of school consolidation to Verde Valley voters, will follow a process that contains a fair and accurate petition form agreed to by the parties and approved by the Court.”

To assert that Mingus has “tied the hands of future school boards” is wrong.

Editor’s Note: Comments by the candidate that did not address the questions were removed.

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